A project starts with a discussion of your goals. If the project is residential, I'll want to know about how you want to live in the new construction, how you want to use the new space. I'll want to hear about spaces you like, see pictures of your favorites. We'll talk about process, project phases, budgets and permitting. We'll talk about how I work, design fees and schedules. If it is a commercial project, we'll want to maximize the potential uses of your project, the flexibility of the space and the attractiveness of the project for potential tenants. If the project is for a specific business or institution, we'll want make a place and a space that is functional, expressive and suited for you business.

Every project is different, and every project is a collaborative, positive effort.

As you look through these image you'll see a yoga room and porches on top of a carport, a restaurant or a bar where you've had a pleasant evening, a laundromat turned into a doctors' office - none are in the same "style", and each reflects the owner and the unique context of the project. This is the result of the collaborative effort. I'm proud to have had many repeat clients. 


I am experienced in site assessment and design, town approval and land use permitting for commercial projects. I regularly work with zoning constraints and requirements for both commercial and residential projects. I am skilled in environmentally friendly and sustainable design and have acquired a considerable knowledgable about construction in general. 

My clients find the process enjoyable and engaging. They find me attentive and responsive.